Backyard Bounce’s Best Product

All major marketing techniques are based on the products the company wants the customers to see and then after buy. However, BYB event services is not like the rest. We are offering an inside look into our company, so our customers know that they aren’t only paying for our products but most importantly our trust and the promise to make your event as special as we would make our own.

The beauty of a family owned business is no secret, it’s the family. Backyard Bounce breaks down the business-to-costumer barriers and acts on the personal level. Each customer we work with is not simply a name and number on a screen, it’s a face with a story. We take time to listen and to understand what direction you would like your event to take. We can easily swap attractions in and out to best fit our costumers budget or theme of their event. We even offer an on-site evaluation with our customers so we can fit them with the best attractions for them! We assign an event planner to each of our customers in hopes of catering your event to your every preference. We are a small owned business with big opportunities and great attractions and products! However, our best product is our customer relationships.

All of BYB event services reviews were not filled with praise because of the inflatables we brought out. Our reviews are filled with praise because every review mentions how well the communication was between themselves and BYB event services. What could be more important in a business field focused on customer service than having excellent customer reviews?

BYB event services makes a special effort to personalize your event. Our first priority is our customer satisfaction. Book an event with us and you’ll have a memorable event and an even more memorable relationship between business and customer.

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